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We specialize in helping our clients recover from chronic pain, injuries, bad posture, stress related physical pain and sports related injuries. We use Bodywork, Stretching and Movement to help you get out of pain and achieve your health and wellness goals. 

Our hands on treatments are often the main component of what we do. Our therapists have various specialties in:

• Clinical Massage Therapy
• Active Myofascial Therapy™

• Trigger Point Therapy
• Deep Tissue Massage 

• Sports Massage

• Kinesio Taping


Your session may incorporate stretching where we'll provide you with some simple but very effective stretches to implement into your daily life to keep you out of pain. We use the following approaches to stretching:

• Active Stretching
• PNF Stretching

• Assisted Stretching
• Stretch-Out Strap™ 


An important component of staying pain free is to strengthen any weak areas or imbalances. During your session, we may teach you some movements and/or exercises such as:

• Corrective Exercises

• AMT Movements

• Posture Improvement Exercises
• Resistance Band Exercises

Our TRIO Guarantee:

1) Your therapist will listen.
    When you come in for your treatment, your areas of pain and discomfort will be discussed, as well as your goals for your session. There is no rush. We want to make sure we know why you're here. Each of our therapists have over 10 years experience and understand what it means to listen to each clients needs. 

2) You will be comfortable.

    Our clinic is professional and clean. Your treatment will only include areas that you've discussed with the therapist ahead of time. Any and all bodywork, stretching or exercises will be at your comfort level and ability. We don't believe in the 'no pain, no gain' approach. Your session will be therapeutic but enjoyable. 

3) You will achieve positive results.

    By the end of your treatment, you should feel better than when you came in. Oftentimes, multiple sessions are necessary to fully achieve your desired goals, so your therapist will communicate with you during your session to make sure we're making progress. 

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